Studio Dance News!

Last call for Dancers & Tumblers!
It’s NEVER too late to start dancin’!

We have classes for boys and girls AND adults in
Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Ballroom and Marital Arts

Classes don’t start until Monday, September 10 – so there’s still time to jump in!

But Wait – There’s more:
The annual shoe swap will take place at the studio on:
Wednesday and Thursday, August 29 & 30 from 4:00 – 6:00
And again on
Tuesday and Wednesday, September 4 & 5 from 4:00 – 6:00.
This is your opportunity to buy or sell your gently used dance shoes at a tremendous saving!

Have any questions? Just call the studio at- 453-7662.

DANCE CALENDAR: If you don’t have a dance calendar yet, please be sure to pick one up in the office. It’s a great reference for you to have on hand to see what major dates and events are scheduled for the dance season.

DANCER'S DRESS CODE: Please make sure your dancer/tumbler is dressed in proper attire to make the most of each class, and get the most benefit for your money! A uniform dress code promotes a positive atmosphere for a successful class, helps keep distractions to a minimum, instills discipline and keeps everyone looking and feeling professional! The teachers need to see a dancer’s shoulders, neck, elbows, hips, ribs, knees and ankles to make proper corrections for the student. Please avoid hoodie sweatshirts, baggy pants, and jewelry. And be sure to have long hair tied up in a ponytail or a bun.

STUDIO DANCE CLASSES: Solid color LEOTARD, (fitted PLAIN color tank top or cami- top over the leotard is OK), solid color dance shorts or capris, tan tights

COMPETITION DANCE CLASSES: BLACK LEOTARD (fitted PLAIN black tank top or cami- top over the leotard is OK), black dance shorts or capris, tan tights. If a student is not properly dressed for class, we may ask them to just observe the class rather than participate. (We realize that sometimes a forgotten dance bag happens…we have proper attire the student may borrow for that day)

TIMELY TUITION PAYMENTS: Please realize that in order to “keep the dance doors open” here, every student needs to be paid up on time. We will work with you to make payment arrangements (if you need to make weekly tuition payments rather than 8-week payments.) In fairness to those who have paid on time, if a student is 3 weeks behind in payments we can no longer offer free dance classes. The student may observe the class – but will not be able to participate. Please call the office if you find yourself in this situation.

COSTUME NEWS: We will be ordering the dance costumes in November this year. (November 23-30) Please check at the front desk to be sure you have the costume payment information. ALL TUITION must be paid up to date before we can order your costume(s). Again, check with the front desk if you have any questions regarding tuition. Thank you.

OBSERVATION WEEK: Welcome Visitors! For our newcomers, I’d like to tell you about our Observation Days. Two times during the dance season, visitors are welcome to come in and watch the dance & tumbling classes. The weeks in between, we DO NOT allow visitors. Some students don’t participate as well with an audience, and others really “ham” it up. Also we DON’T make many corrections when we do have visitors, so that the student isn’t embarrassed in front of an audience. If you see that your child is on the wrong foot, or not doing what the other children are doing…don’t worry…we will fix them next time. (We do make exceptions for visiting grandparents from out of town, etc.)

WEATHER/SCHOOL CANCELLATIONS: Be sure to listen to WJJQ radio or check out our Facebook page for any dance class cancellations. If school is closed DUE TO THE WEATHER, chances are we will be closed, too. Other times when school is closed for a student/teacher issue, we will still be OPEN and have dance classes. Be sure to check your dance calendar for studio closings. You can always call me on my cell phone if you’re not sure. Better to find out for sure, than to miss class.

Q & A: If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the dance studio, please give us a call. If we don’t hear from you, we assume all is well. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


For More Information Contact the Terry Bucaro Dance Studio
(715) 453-7662!